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Transforming energy

Empowering change: Fueling the future through energy transformation

JIM SARVINIS, Managing Director, Power

Embracing energy transformation in the face of climate change presents a remarkable global opportunity. The year 2050 stands as a crucial milestone, urging us to work together and curtail greenhouse gas emissions. In the midst of this challenge, we have a momentous chance for the energy industry to play a pivotal role.

The demand for carbon-free electricity is expected to more than double over the next 30 years as heavy industries, transportation networks, agricultural supply chains, and building heating systems all strive to reduce emissions.

At Hatch, we leverage decades of experience and expertise to contribute to the energy transformation. While we are proud of the work completed with our clients in achieving remarkable progress to date, we know that much remains to be done. We are, first and foremost, a climate change company committed to finding practical, safe, and innovative solutions and strategies to decarbonize the planet. Our work with clients focuses on solutions that include small modular nuclear reactors (SMR), hydroelectric, wind, solar, hydrogen, energy storage, fuel switching, biofuels, geothermal, and CO2 sequestration, utilization, and storage to bring about the change the world needs.

In the power sector, we are assisting several of the leading SMR technology developers to complete the licensing, engineering, and project planning required to commercialize their novel designs. We’re also working with several technology developers to unlock the promise available from fusion energy. At the same time, we partner with our long-term clients to develop new hydroelectric generation assets and advise on the operation, maintenance, optimization, and refurbishment of existing facilities. Renewable generation (solar and wind) is being coupled with large-scale energy storage (batteries and pumped hydro) and long-distance HVDC transmission technology to generate and deliver clean electricity when and where it’s needed. Distribution utilities are upgrading their infrastructure and technology to enable the electrification needed for the transformation.

A palpable shift is underway in the oil and gas sector, with forward-thinking partners acknowledging the imperative to shift toward carbon-free energy sources and create sustainable products. We collaborate with clients to bring these environmentally friendly options to the energy mix in the future. Among the solutions being explored are the use of ammonia for fuel, particularly in the shipping industry, and the blending of hydrogen into natural gas to lower its carbon footprint. Biomass-to-liquids technology has the potential to transform fuel production, including sustainable diesel, aviation fuel, and gasoline. We are also active with CO2 removal projects, both from process facilities and directly from the atmosphere.

Our expertise in all facets of the oil and gas sector, including upstream, midstream, and downstream processes coupled with our skills in climate change mitigation, is being deployed on decarbonization programs across the entire value chain.

In addition to adopting new energy sources to meet demand, we’re partnering with clients to ensure aging infrastructure continues to operate in a sustainable, reliable manner. We have the capability to refurbish, optimize, and upgrade current facilities to ensure these existing assets continue to provide the platform for a smooth transition.

We live in a world that has relied on fossil fuels for centuries; a world that is hoping to decarbonize in less than 30 years. The quest for decarbonization is undeniably huge, but the remarkable progress and unwavering commitment within the energy sector provide a source of inspiration and optimism. Together with our clients, governments, and regulators, we’re painting a compelling picture of what’s achievable. We stand together with our clients to lead the way toward a brighter, cleaner, and greener future.

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Innovations 2023


Xe-100 technology development program

Under the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP), X-energy and Dow are advancing efforts to deploy the first advanced small modular nuclear reactor for an industrial site in North America.

Mauritania electrification project

Société Mauritanienne d’Électricité (SOMELEC) seeks to enhance electricity distribution and security while increasing rural electrification and renewable integration. We are partnering with SOMELEC and acting as the consultant and owner’s engineer on this extensive endeavor.

Pointe du Bois renewable energy project

Manitoba Hydro is seeking to update and replace key components of the generating station—the oldest in their fleet—and extend the life of the station to at least 2055. By simultaneously adding 380-gigawatt hours per year of capacity, the Pointe du Bois generating station will be able to power 35,000 homes in Manitoba, Canada.

Louisiana Green Fuels (LGF) project

This unique initiative, known as the Louisiana Green Fuels (LGF) project, combines the fuel production process with the capturing and sequestration of the emissions from this plant to produce carbon negative diesel. The project will be constructed on a 171-acre site at the Port of Columbia in Louisiana. The plant is designed to produce up to 33.7 million gallons of renewable fuel per year from forestry waste.

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