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Data-driven excellence

Elevating operations through data-driven excellence and digital solutions

ALIM SOMANI, Managing Director, Digital

With multiple stakeholders, competing objectives, and high-stake implications at play, organizations in core industrial sectors are facing unique opportunities that require adept decision-making. These organizations are expecting their data to help improve this process. What we’ve learned, however, is it’s not how much data you have—it’s what you do with it that counts.

In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape, integrating digital solutions has emerged as an opportunity to elevate operations to unprecedented heights. At the heart of this paradigm shift, we see first principle engineering models and domain experience in operations combined with real-time production data and advanced data techniques as the gateway for our clients to unlock the full spectrum of possibilities within their operations.

The mining industry serves as an exemplary showcase for the transformative power of digital technology. As the global push toward electric and battery technologies intensifies the demand for specific metals, mining companies are eyeing projects in remote and difficult terrains where rich ore bodies are located, often deep underground. These challenging conditions escalate the complexity of operational logistics and make it more arduous to attract skilled talent willing to work on-site.

In this context, automation stands out as a revolutionary force for both safety and efficiency. It’s not merely about automating tasks; it’s an intricate ecosystem fueled by a data-driven synergy of machine learning algorithms, real-time information from mining vehicles, and environmental data. This intelligent orchestration minimizes the need for human involvement in high-risk zones, thereby transforming the very paradigms of safety and operational efficiency in mining.

Enhancing industry performance: Hatch’s twin capability

  • Analytics twins: A pivotal cornerstone, the analytics twin delves into data intricacies to extract actionable insights. Informed by data analysis and presented through meaningful visualization, industries can make timely and informed decisions, steering strategies toward optimal outcomes.
  • Asset twins: Rather than an entity synonymous with complexity, asset twins provide practical solutions that focus on enhancing asset reliability. These virtual counterparts of physical assets delve into equipment behavior and health monitoring, facilitating proactive maintenance and extending asset life spans.
  • Process twins: Grounded in real-time data and sophisticated models, process twins optimize key industrial operations. By targeting operational excellence, process twins empower industries to achieve higher levels of safety, productivity, and efficiency.
  • System twins: Navigating intricate systems, the system twins orchestrate seamless interactions among individual operations across the entire value chain. This orchestration enhances system-wide performance and uncovers opportunities for holistic advancements.

In a rapidly evolving landscape, Hatch’s twin capability stands as a beacon of transformation—a journey that embodies both ambition and pragmatism.

By embracing this digital evolution, industries can chart a course towards improved operations

Another area of opportunity is further downstream in the use of digital process twins in metals processing. These sophisticated digital replicas, when underpinned by robust process models and augmented with real-time data, serve as powerful tools for operators. They facilitate more uniform and informed decision-making aimed at reducing value loss such as minimizing energy usage. The affect of these individual asset twins is magnified when machine learning algorithms are integrated, providing unparalleled insights, and enabling even better decision-making.

The true potential is unleashed when multiple asset twins are interlinked and optimized as a cohesive system, forming a comprehensive system twin. Such a construct allows for dynamic interaction between the assets, empowered by optimization techniques. This holistic approach elevates the efficiency of each component and synergizes them to maximize value across the entire production chain. As a result, there’s a significant reduction in both energy consumption and value loss, thereby aligning the operations with sustainability goals.

These advancements aren’t confined to mining. Our data-driven-insights approach has far-reaching implications, enhancing integrated value chains and optimizing products across diverse industries and sectors. We’re exploring products that leverage data and process models to help lower the chemical and energy usage in wastewater, industrial water, and potable water treatment plants. We’re leveraging data-driven intelligence to help our public sector clients make better decisions surrounding whereto build their EV infrastructure.

The proliferation of cost-effective data storage solutions and the surge in processing power enabled by cloud computing have laid the groundwork for the current explosion in digital technology’s potential. As we look forward, these foundational capabilities will empower our clients to harness game-changing data, leading to smarter decision-making, increased efficiency, and enhanced safety. Amidst this landscape of transformative tools and products, our most invaluable asset continues to be our human capital. Our team of experts, with their wealth of experience, specialized expertise, digital confidence, and entrepreneurial spirit, remain steadfast in guiding clients toward success.

We’re on the brink of something big. The digital landscape is beckoning us to embrace transformation with an unwavering commitment to data-driven excellence, and we are building the unrivaled products and tools to get there. Rooted in decades of engineering legacy and bolstered by innovation, we invite our clients to join us for the ride. Together, we can harness experience, process expertise, digital know-how, and entrepreneurship to lead the way toward operational excellence.

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