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Accelerating action through positive change


A message from our Chairman and CEO

We’re delighted to bring you this year’s annual review, a reflection on the past year and the people and projects that are defining positive change in our world.

When I look at the work that is underway, I’m in awe of the collective response our industry is making to what can only be called a global emergency. The galloping effects of climate change have awakened even the most cynical, and how we respond—the solutions we bring—will be the very definition of our legacy.

I believe in the power of people. In diverse thoughts. In new perspectives. The challenges of the day demand that we break from tradition, finding ways to resource global needs with responsibility, unearthing sustainable solutions that nurture and protect. It is a privilege to walk alongside our clients in this quest.

As we prepared for this report, speaking with colleagues around the world, we heard one consistent answer to the question, “What defines Hatch?” Overwhelmingly, we heard “our people” in relation to our ability to bring the right minds and personalities to the work that is needed. And we heard about the power and importance of strong client relationships.

Einstein once said, “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” The shared responsibility and gravitas that we collectively bring reminds us of the very reasons we went into our chosen fields. The opportunity to create exceptional solutions is a driving force, one that we are obligated to pursue as an essential aspect of our duty of care.

From the spark of an idea through project execution and into the life cycle of an operation, our commitment to you is one of excellence. We promise to deliver projects exceptionally well with the forethought that is essential to protecting people and places, critical to embracing communities, and necessary to create solutions the world needs.

We will embrace emerging technologies with the same determination, finding increasingly better ways to deliver projects—safer, faster, and with incomparable quality. Data-driven solutions that empower are here. This is not something new to Hatch. For decades we have been evolving digital solutions, and the relationships we have built with technology partners have never been more valuable. Standing shoulder to shoulder, we are fearlessly pursuing better ways of doing things.

We will be unapologetically idealistic. We will be relentlessly optimistic. And with firm belief that change is possible, together we will harness the power that intelligence generates, pioneering for positive outcomes.

This will be our legacy. Together.

John Bianchini
Chairman and CEO, Hatch